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We offer stall board and pasture board. 

Stall board is $600/month

Pasture board is $450/month

Board includes feed 2x daily (Purina Strategy). Boarders have access to either hay or grass.

When horses are stalled overnight or during the day, they will be hayed along with their grain.

Stalls get cleaned 1x daily.

Board includes access to the full size lighted arena (cross-rails, barrels, ground poles, cones, etc.), lots of cool-off riding areas, the wash rack, places to store a limited amount of tack, special offers on clinics, invitations to off-site trail rides, participation in client parties, and more!

We believe horses should be out as much as possible (for their gut and mental health), so if the weather is favorable, stall boarded horses might be stalled during feeding, but will be turned out otherwise. When it is below 35 degrees at night and above 85 degrees during the day, horses will be stalled. During inclement weather in any season, stall boarded horses will be stalled. Horses will be turned out in groups of 2-6 equines in pasture or stall board. Pasture board horses are not separated during feeding, but we try to put them in groups that are acceptable for that set up.

Pasture boarded horses have 24/7 access to a run-in. Owners may use the run-in portion with the concrete floor to store tack and personal items. 

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