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Escaramuza las Palomas / Cavvietta Cowgirls

Cavvietta Quarter Horse & Cattle Company is the proud home of Escaramza las Palomas--Winners of the 2017 Horses Got Talent Drill Team Competition!

Founded in July of 2017, our team takes traditional attire and maneuvers and adds a modern-day flourish to make our patterns the most unique around. We are proud to have and accept women and girls of different cultural and ethnic backgrounds to produce a diverse environment for the shows and parades in which we participate. The word “Escaramuza” comes from the Spanish word for “skirmish” due to the ladies performing in a military type manner. The Escaramuza is the only event in the Charreada, or “Mexican Rodeo,” in which women may participate, and during this event they perform a “ballet on horseback”. You can see Escaramuza las Palomas in Charreadas, parades, drill competitions, and other equine events. Our team currently consists of 10 beautiful ladies. Our youngest member is only 8 years old! Check us out at

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