2021 Girls Ranch Academy

June 21-June 24 & June 28-July 1


All information can be found when you click "register now".

What to bring:

  • A tent/sleeping bag/pillow/flashlight/ toiletries /appropriate sleepwear for current weather

  • Jeans to work and ride in

  • Helmet

  • Long sleeve shirts to work and ride in (button-downs recommended)

  • A cowboy hat or ball cap that stays on your head in windy conditions

  • Fly spray

  • Boots with a heel that are narrow enough to fit in stirrups

  • Water bottle or canteen

  • Bathing suit and a tee shirt

  • Fishing pole

  • Musical instruments if you play

  • Horse, grain, hay and tack if you have your own safe horse


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please call us at (919) 669-8546.