2020 Girls Only Ranch Academy

June 22-June 25!


We are excited to be hosting the 4 day, 3 night Girls Only Cavvietta Ranch Academy this summer. These young ladies will be learning the ins and outs of ranching, from feeding and fencing and other daily chores, to riding out to check and doctor stock. They’ll also spend time in the saddle strengthening their horsemanship and stockmanship skills. But it’s not ALL work, there will be time spent fishing and sitting around the campfire exchanging cowboy stories. Participants should be ready to pitch a tent and come hungry for cowboy grub during this stay on rolling green pastures in Elm City, NC. Girls may bring their own mounts or use one from our cavvy ($50 horse rental fee for a total of $375)! Opportunities for Bible Study during the week as well. No horse experience necessary but you MUST come willing to learn!

We aim to bring the old working west to the people of North Carolina through Stockmanship, Horsemanship, and Sportsmanship. In holding this Girls Only Ranch Academy, Cavvietta Quarter Horse & Cattle Company strives to make the best of a young lady’s hard work by teaching them that morals and values are important no matter the task at hand. Our company uses efficient techniques to accomplish ranch chores 365 days a year, and we seek to achieve our tasks—no matter how small—with a sense of respect, integrity, leadership, and passion. We are firm believers that nothing beats a hard day’s work and time in the saddle, followed up by fellowship and the reading of God’s Word.


At Cavvietta Quarter Horse & Cattle Company, we promise to give the best east coast ranch experience you could imagine. A day at the Ranch Academy will include an early-morning wake-up, feeding the cavvy and eating breakfast over the fire. Then be ready to put in some hard hours on the ranch doing chores that keep ranches across the country up and running. The day will also include time in the saddle learning new and exciting skills with your equine partner, and you’ll likely finish up the warm summer day with a fishing pole in your hand. Don’t forget lunch and dinner back at the camp or out in the field, depending on what is in store that day!

Individuals who have their own mounts are encouraged to bring them in order to strengthen their partnership through better communication, but we are happy to provide a horse from our cavvy, just let us know beforehand! 

What to bring:

  • A tent/sleeping bag/pillow/flashlight/ toiletries /appropriate sleepwear for current weather

  • Jeans to work and ride in

  • Helmet

  • Long sleeve shirts to work and ride in (button-downs recommended)

  • A cowboy hat or ball cap that stays on your head in windy conditions

  • Fly spray

  • Boots with a heel that are narrow enough to fit in stirrups

  • Water bottle or canteen

  • Bathing suit and a tee shirt

  • Fishing pole

  • Musical instruments if you play

  • Horse, grain, hay and tack if you have your own safe horse


If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please call us at (919) 669-8546.

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