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Cody Deering Horsemanship
All Skills Workshop

March 25-27

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Join us for the All Skills Workshop in the style and tradition of the Californio methods: starting horses in the Hackamore and advancing them to the two-rein and then straight up in the bridle while using day to day ranching skills to create a true reined partner.
Cody Deering will be leading this workshop touching on the different aspects of training a horse from start to finish.

Included in this is the introduction to cattle work with horses that might not have been on cattle before to advanced horse and rider teams that want more things to do and work on to advance their cattle working ability.
(No prior cattle work experience necessary.)

Elements of tracking , sorting, and parting out cattle, along with herd work and roping (roping is optional).

In this 3 day course we will start on the ground with our horses learning traditional groundwork methods that will carry over to the riding. Once we realize the reasons why we do what we do then our understanding grows and we find out the “hows” and “whys” of how a horse advances and comes right along in the process. This has nothing to do with drilling a horse again and again but has everything to do with feel and approach.

The cost is $450 for 3 days of learning with one of the masters of the traditional Californio style.

$35/day per auditor.

Lunch will be provided for $10 on Saturday.

Limited stalls available at $70 for the weekend.

Clinic is RAIN OR SHINE. Absolutely no refunds. 

Call Gracie with questions. (919) 669-8546

Cody Deering Horsemanship & Cattle Clinic
Cody Deering Horsemanship & Cattle Clinic
Mar 25, 2022, 12:00 PM EDT
Double Deuce Arena
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